I have never been the type to spend money on workout clothes. I would buy a package of white tees and call it a day. But that was back when I didn’t care enough about my fifitness AT ALL!

So when I started this new journey as a single mom of two, going through a divorce, wanting to get healthy in all the ways, I needed workout clothes! The white tees weren’t fitting. I could have bought new ones, but why spend money on something that doesn’t fit who you are any more as a person mentally or physically?!

Whether you love fashion or not, BUY THE CLOTHES. If you want to make changes in your life, make all the changes and commit. You will feel better putting on your favorite color sports bra and shorts before you set out to do your BB workout. I promise you.

I came across Pineapple Clothing on Instagram and loved that my daughter and I could get some matching outfits. Made in America, with an incredible team, it was love at first sight. Need new clothes? Use my link to get <a href=”http://20% NOW!

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