I have never been the type to spend money on workout clothes. I would buy a package of white tees and call it a day. But that was back when I didn’t care enough about my fifitness AT ALL! So when I started this new journey as a single mom of two, going through aContinue reading “#happyinpineapple”

We Workout

Fitness is my top priority as a coach. Beachbody offers basically the Netflix of workouts! From Barre to meditation to dance workouts. There is literally something for everyone and I am happy to suggest programs that I think will match your interests! Barre Workout Morning Meltdown Dance Workout

I Like To Eat & Drink

Nutrition is definitely my weakness, but I look at that as a good thing! If I didn’t love ALL the food, I would be so judgmental about everything I eat. I absolutely love connecting over new recipes (especially kid friendly ones!) and helping create meal plans that are right for you. Do you do anyContinue reading “I Like To Eat & Drink”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Christa! Previously in retail and now a single, stay-at-home mom coaching other moms on their health and wellness journey. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids, I love writing about my own journey, going to the beach, and living a healthy and organized life!

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